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Are you building software and looking for preventive security measures? Are your security tools flagging vulnerable code at the last moment?

DevSecOps incorporates security as part of the entire application development lifecycle including infrastructure. DevSecOps provides a framework that includes best practices for delivering secure code without compromising the velocity. It is necessary to continuously scan for vulnerabilities in source code including open source dependencies as part of the CI/CD pipeline to detect potential issues as early as possible.devsecLPImage

The Need for DevSecOps

The monetary and reputation defacement from security breaches that commonly arise from poor application security hygiene are too severe to be ignored. 

3.8 million total cost

The global average total cost of a data breach in 2020

280 days avg. time

Average time to identify and contain a data breach

$1 million in savings

Average savings form containing a breach in less than 200 vs. 200+ days

DevSecOps Requirements

Applying DevSecOps practice to the SDLC cycle has a positive impact on the business in the following ways.

Business Requirement:

  • Scan Result for the Developers
  • Application security testing of code
  • Security testing of existing apps
  • Security Governance
  • Preventative CI/CD
  • Security integration into third party CI

Business Value:

  • Cost savings w/ lower overall risk
  • Reduced Security Risk
  • Reduced Compliance Risk
  • Efficiently monitor, identify and improve processes over time
  • Prevents introducing new vulnerabilities
  • Optimal use of existing investment

Team Collaboration with DevSecOps

Development teams need to be empowered with a tight feedback loop regarding potential vulnerabilities related to the source code and dependencies they introduce. Implementing DevSecOps best practices accurately, allows developers to stay informed and remediate security issues during the early stages of the development lifecycle and certainly before it is shipped to production. 
By integrating and automating security checks throughout the SDLC, development teams streamline development while improving security.
When security teams work with development to shift security testing earlier in development, costs and effort go down, and compliance rates go up.
Operations teams can avoid being blindsided by application vulnerabilities in production when they have insight into the components used in the applications and containers they deploy.

Release secure, quality code faster with DevSecOps

DevSecOps in the new normal of remote working distributed teams

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