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What's your next Atlassian Migration Move?

On February 2nd 2021, there will no longer be an option to purchase new Atlassian Server licenses. Learn more about the details of the announcement here

We understand that in the coming months/years, anyone who wishes to migrate to either Cloud or Data Center will have a significant challenge ahead. You may already be asking yourself... Is Cloud the right option? What about Data Center? Maybe a hybrid model might work? 

Where do you fit in? Let Addteq help you decide if Data Center or Cloud is right for you by scheduling a Free Migration Readiness Assessment with our experts!

Atlassian Migration Webinar

During this informational Atlassian Migration Webinar, Addteq reviews all of the latest information around the end of server for Atlassian, pluslisting some important next steps your organization should be thinking about. Also featuring a guest speaker from Atlassian, Ben King, Sr. Engineer, who discusses the State of Atlassian Cloud & Data Center and what it means for your organization.

Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud platform has made a huge step forward for Enterprise customers with the availability of their Enterprise Cloud. This new Cloud plan comes in addition to the current Free, Standard, and Premium Cloud options. The Enterprise Cloud plan is targeted towards the larger Atlassian clients that have over 1,000 users or 200+ Jira Service Management Agents. 

Some features include:

  • Unlimited instances Create as many Atlassian instances as you need, and manage them from a single place. Marketplace apps continue to be licensed by the instance.
  • 99.95% uptime SLA 
  • Data residency Ability to specify where you want your data to be located: EU or NA.
  • Atlassian Access SSO and global user management capabilities are bundled with Enterprise Cloud licenses.
  • Enterprise support Highest level of support available from Atlassian.

Great for:

  • Most Atlassian Server customers that are ready to embrace the benefits of SaaS
  • Companies that want to reduce TCO
  • Organizations that want to get the most out of their Atlassian toolset
  • Organizations whose security, privacy & compliance requirements are met by the numerous certifications & features offered by Atlassian Cloud.

Data Center Migration

New Functionalities in Data Center

Starting February 2nd, 2021, Data Center products will be bundled with the most popular Atlassian apps:
  • Jira Software Data Center: Advanced Roadmaps (formerly known as Portfolio for Jira)
  • Confluence Data Center: Team Calendars for Confluence, Analytics for Confluence
  • Jira Service Management Data Center: Insight – Asset management, Insight Discovery

Great For:

  • Organizations with more than 10,000 users.
  • Have custom apps or integrations that are currently not available for Atlassian Cloud and/or need to be strictly on-premise / privately hosted.
  • Specific compliance or regulatory requirements that have to be followed.
  • That currently cannot migrate to Atlassian Cloud.

What Customers Need to Know:

Customers with Server licenses:
  • If you have one of those apps already: You will be able to renew these marketplace apps until , but will not be able to upgrade or downgrade them after .
  • If you want to purchase one of those products: You will be able to purchase one of these marketplace apps for a Server product until, not after the date.

Customers with Data Center licenses:

  • You will not need to renew these products, they will be included for free as part of your next Data Center license renewal.
  • Atlassian’s priority support will also be bundled with any Data Center license purchased or renewed after February 2nd, 2021 (except for Bitbucket Data Center which must be a 251+ user license).
data center

Addteq Migration Services

Over 13 years experience serving a diverse group of organizations with their DevOps applications, Addteq has performed several migrations spanning across small, medium and enterprise organizations. We have successfully migrated over 500 thousand Atlassian and DevOps users across on-premise and cloud environments.

What are Some Possible Next Steps:

  1. Migrating all your existing instances to Data Center licenses. Using Data Center licenses on your current Server infrastructure is possible without any impact. Or have an expert partner manage your infrastructure.
  2. Migrating all your existing instances to Atlassian Cloud (several plans available depending on your needs).
  3. Hybrid approach. Use Atlassian in a hybrid environment, where some instances are on-premise servers, and others are already in the Atlassian Cloud with Addteq's Codefactori solution. 
Codefactori Managed Hosting

Manage your DevOps Infrastructure or Have a Managed Hosting Solution on Codefactori 

If you’re struggling with disintegrated workflows, finding it difficult to properly configure and customize tools, maintaining up time and quality of service, Addteq’s fully managed Codefactori solution can deliver the capabilities you need to improve your release management process. 

Offering enterprise-grade security, reliability, and extensibility Codefactori can help: 

  • 99.95% uptime and 30-minute backups 
  • Eliminate costly capital Managing CapEx while streamlining OpEx
  • Implement release management best practices
  • Improve delivery and time to market

Given how critical it has become for IT Ops teams to focus on quality,  Codefactori provides a full range of hosting, management, and customization options. Teams can focus on delivering value to their customers by leveraging a solution that provides resilience, scalability and extensibility to the ecosystem.  

Contact us today to learn more about Codefactori.

"We transformed our project management approach by migrating away from expensive, legacy solutions to a more efficient and cost-effective option. Addteq proved the performance supremacy over traditional systems and the service they provided was found to be very effective. Specifically, at identifying areas of data-conversion that required special attention during migration" 

Addteq Customer

Addteq Customer